Los Angeles, CA

Pet Grooming in Los Angeles, CA

People love their pets and grooming for pets is an essential part of their overall care. At Willies Grooming & Petshop, we're committed to helping make everybody happy with a mobile pet-grooming service. As a Los Angeles, CA pet grooming service, our goal is to make your pet look and feel great.

At Your Service

At Willies Grooming & Petshop, our mobile pet grooming services are designed to make pet care easy and hassle-free for you. From hair or fur shaving to nail trimming to teeth brushing, we do it all, and we only use safe products and methods in all of our grooming procedures. We also take extra precautions to protect your pet from various health problems such as concealed skin infections and cavities.

At Willies Grooming & Petshop, our groomers are experienced, trained and hand-picked for their love of animals to ensure that your pet gets the best care possible. Call us today to schedule a pet grooming appointment or to speak with a pet care professional.